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When you enter the site All about Iceland you see before you a large map of Iceland, here you can start to be detailed on your stay in Iceland, where are you going ? Are you going to visit Reykjavík ( the capital ), are you going to travel to one or more regions in Iceland or are you perhaps a traveller who wants to travel around Iceland on a bike. Do you want to stay in a hotel or on the campsites.  On the front page of All about Iceland you can start asking your self these questions and decide what region you want to choose first. You can select from all the regions in Iceland. Reykjavík ( the capital of Iceland ) – South Iceland – East Iceland – North East Iceland – North West Iceland – The Westfjords – West Iceland or Reykjanes. Now you can find all the services, events, landmarks, nature and more in the region you choose.

Please choose a region below and start browsing around. You will find everything you need. Hotels – Guesthouse – Restaurants – Activities – Shops. If you are planning your trip to Iceland, book your hotel, rent your car and find all info on what your are going to do, see, sleep and eat in Iceland.


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All accommodation can be found and booked on All about Iceland. All about Iceland in association with and Hotel or allows you to book your hotel and other accommodation in Iceland. Select your region above and Book your Hotel in Iceland.

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